International Furnishings and Design Association Educational Foundation  is committed to improving the furnishings and design industry, supporting students and is enhancing public awareness through educational and philanthropic programs.  IFDAEF’s mission is to foster educational and philanthropic activities to enhance the furnishings and design industries.


* Recognizes the achievements and promise of design students to the furnishings and design industry.  

* Supports charitable endeavors and special projects that benefit the industry, students, and the public. 

* Advances the development of professionals through leadership education opportunities.

* Supports industry professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and skills in the furnishings and design industry.

Become an IFDA-EF Partner-in-Learning and together we can assure the future of the design and furnishings industry through education, leadership development and community service.

IFDAEF awards over $30,000 annually  

Scholarships for full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students;

* Special focus on interior design, product design, leadership, and green/sustainable design;

Grants supporting individuals and organizations in:

Career enhancement skills for industry professionals  

*  Universal design, (product development, design, education, marketing)

*  Marketing and communications

*  Resources for design schools   

*   Historic preservation

*  Leadership development of IFDA members

*  Educational speakers at industry markets, design centers, home shows, etc., and IFDA chapter events         

IFDA-EF is funded annually by:

*  Percentage of IFDA member's dues  

*   Donations from:

              *  Individual members

              *  IFDA chapters (donations/fundraising events/memorials)

              * Corporate Partners-in-Learning

       IFDA-EF is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization

     For more information about IFDA-EF go to: www.ifdaef.org

                                                     IFDA Logo
IFDA is the only all-industry association whose members provide service and products to the furnishings and design industry.

IFDA members work in design, production, distribution, promotion, communications, or education in the furnishings and design or related industries.

Membership includes chapter members throughout the United States and Japan, also national and international members-at-large.

IFDAEF, organized in 1968, is the philanthropic division of the International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA)

                                 For more information about IFDA, go to:  www.ifda.com

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                                         Join our Partners-in Learning Program

Your support can ensure the future ofthe industry by educating and training talented students who need financial assistance to make their dreams become reality.

Your support can ensure companies like yours continue to have highly skilled professionals.

Your support can provide financial assistance to projects that benefit the public.

Your support can boost your company's public image in ways that marketing cannot.

Investment as an IFDA-EF Partner-in-Learning:  $3,500

      Yearly reward as an IFDA-EF Partner-in-Learning

*  Company name or logo on the IFDA-EF homepage  www.ifdaef.org

*  Company name or logo on all IFDA-EF communications, (newsletters and monthly updates), to the entire IFDA membership.

*  Company featured in an IFDA-EF newsletter article highlighting product/service information and educational philosophy.

*  Company listed in all communications to colleges when promoting the scholarships and grants and in all publicity announcing winners.

*  Option to add company name to a scholarship or grant currently listed with no major donor.                                                                                      

*  Public relations statement from IFDA-EF or IFDA-EF logo for company website.



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